Fashion Sketch

Fashion has its own language. Utter no word and listen to your wardrobe you will hear the whispers of those scarves, those gowns, those broad hats, those stilettos and those fashion accessories that murmur the saga of dreams that gradually turned into reality. Quite eminentlytherefore fashion is simply not just those linens and silks, those shoes and slip-ons but is a dream which begins there at the mind of the designers and then finds expression amidst those million fashion items.

Between the imagination of the designers and the “landing strip” there are many months’ hard work and those countless amount of scribbles’ in order to attain that ideal “fashion sketch”

Fashion sketch is definitely one of the most important parts of fashion designing. Also known as “illustrations” fashion sketches are more than mere outlines of human figures.

With those few lines, with those imaginary silhouettes fashion sketch is as if a gestation of an idea, as if the gradual growth of dream! Thousands of designers spends hours after hours in order to make that perfect fashion sketch which is of course the corner stone for making those apparels which have raised brows of the fashion freaks with its shades, color, pattern and style.

What best can illustrate the designers’ dream than the details of fashion sketches? What best can take fashion to the further level of sheer mellowness than those myriad hours of sheer detailing of the fashion sketches which has actually delineated the very idea of “fashion” and style over and over again? The fashion sketches are just the basics and it is indeed not necessary to implement the whole sketch in totality whilst designing particular apparel.

Some details of the fashion sketch often makes that “final cut” while sometime designers abandon a particular part in some point of the final creation process. Often the designers tend to keep the final product quite similar to the fashion sketches.

Again sometimes the very voyage from the sketches to clothing makes the end product pretty much unrecognizable, where it is the very vision, concept, dream and creativity of the fashion designers which finds an articulate expression amidst his finale designs.


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How to design fashion sketches said...

There are two schools of thought on the qualities needed to become a fashion designer. One school of thought believes that an eye for fashion is inborn and God gifted and cannot be acquired through practice and perseverance.

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