Choosing colors for your business logo

Know your/your client’s target market. Identifying and understanding your target market is the first step in choosing the right colors for your business’ logo. Studying your target market includes determining the market’s age, gender, profession, culture, and socioeconomic status.

Know what colors represent. Every color has its own representation and meaning according to the target market. Understanding each color’s meaning can help you organize your first step in choosing the colors for your preferred logo design.

Basic Color Representation

  • Red – sex, passion, love, food, radical, bold, war, anger
  • Pink – female, weakness, romance, blush, affection
  • Blue – subtle, cool, peace, calm, sadness, melancholy
  • Black- death, grief, angst, elegance, class, strength
  • White – purity, cleanliness, absurd, vague, righteousness
  • Burgundy and Brown – refinement, aristocracy, nobility
  • Yellow – happiness, youth, summer, childhood
  • Green – earth, life, environment, money, organic, jealousy, naughtiness
Know the basics. Choosing colors isn’t just about picking what’s attractive for you. Learn the color wheel, identify the difference between primary and secondary colors, and know what contrast and opaqueness are.

Basic techniques

Although there are commonly used and popular color representations, we should not confine ourselves with what these norms suggest. As a web designer, you should pick a color that describes and represents your business’ personality best.

Choosing color is a form of art. It’s a process of expression, an art form without a limitation, an art form that breaks boundaries of cultures, beliefs and rules. If you’re brave and clever enough to combine green and pink with orange and crimson, then do it. The logos of Google and Yahoo were designed like that for a reason. You can use unusual color combinations if you want, but remember to do a decent case study on using the combinations. Playing with colors for your business’ logo is a serious part of any branding strategy that can make or break your business’ success.