The Thinking Eye

Techniques and materials are the grammar and vocabulary of drawing and can be studied and shared. An artist's personal voice is something that also evolves through lessons learned. However, it is this voice that is the subtle part of their art and something that ultimately, when they are more experienced, comes from within. Imagination needs nourishment.

It rarely flourishes in isolation. As you draw, seek ideas in the life around you. Look to your own experience and also learn from the work of others. Drawing is a living language that over millennia has grown and changed, adapting its form and occupation, and enfolding new media. Many more reasons for drawing the world. To these I have added my own drawings to explain elementary materials and techniques and offer introductory approaches. Note that the drawing classes are allocated to subjects, but not confined to them. In the total wealth of these pages, we still only glimpse a corner of the magnitude of this subject and the infinity of what can be achieved. This practical journey will take you through the door into the vivid heart of drawing. Once there, the path is yours. The real drawing book has yet to come; it will be your creation as you discover your own personal vision.