Useful Art Materials for Fashion Sketching

A wide selection of art materials is available in some countries but not all. Every now and then, new items are being introduced, for us , fashion enthusiasts, to experiment and develop new techniques. Different materials used to sketch and color ,can give a different feel and effects of the design you want to showcase.


Pencils (wood cased)
The degree of hardness is printed on each pencil. (2B, 3B etc)
F and HB medium, EX is extremely soft

Charcoal Pencils
The effect is like using real charcoal sticks. It comes in hard, medium or soft.

Carbon Pencils
It can be used to provide a dull matt finish to a sketch

Black Pencils
Heavy large leads for bold drawings with a matt finish

Colored Pencils
A good range of colors are available in the market. It gives good control in color depth. Easy to use.

Watercolor Pencils
Soft water soluble pencils. You can use dry or use a brush to wash over to achieve a watercolor effects


Technos drawing pen
the Pelikan Tefchnos is a cartridge filled drawing pen. Pen points are designed for different purpose.

Rapidograph pens
A special pen that do not need to be constantly refilled. Drawing points come in varies sizes and can be replaced depending on the effect you want to create.

Marker pens
A wide range of colrs available. From fine detailed work to broad strokes. Provide good control of lines. Applied ink dried fast.

Osmiroid Sketch fountain pens
Provide a wide range of line thickness from fine to bold. This pen is fitted with a refillable reservoir to maintain constant ink flow.

Other color materials

Inks can be mixed with one another or diluted with water. A wide range of colors is available.

Acrylic colors
Can be diluted with water, but become waterproof when dry. Can be used with a variety of techniques.

Quality of the pastels is important.

Color inks
Some are waterproof. A wide selection are available.

Document Paper
White paper with a smooth surface. Suitable for pencil, crayon and colors. This type of paper is made in varying thicknesses and qualities.

Drawing Paper/ Sketch Book Paper
The surface has slightly rough texture. Suitable for colors work like watercolor and pastels

Ingres Paper
This type of paper is suitable for pastel and tempera work.

Tracing Paper
Come in sheets of different sizes. Translucent.

Carbon Paper
Coated on one side with a layer of a loosely bound dry ink or pigmented coating. It is used for making one or more copies simultaneous with the creation of an original document


Fashion boards
Very good quality thick board that will take charcoal, crayon , watercolor paints etc.

A white for general use and or paste up usage.

Other Art Materials

Come in many sizes and qualities (hairs types)

Presentation Books
Fitted with clear acetate pockets, ideal for the presentation of work

For storing and showcase of art work. Come in different sizes.

Leatherbag portfolios
For protection and carrying of art work. Come with a handle, two fasteners, a lock and key.

Soft eraser
Usually a white soft eraser to erase pencil lead marks or drawings.


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