Making a great poster!

Making a great poster can be fun and is certainly a challenge!


-Readability is a measure of how easily the ideas flow from one item to the next. Text that has lots of grammatical problems, complex or passive sentence structure, and misspellings is "hard to read".


-If a text is legible, it can be deciphered. For example, an old book may not be legible if the paper has corroded or the lettering has faded. A common error in poster presentations is use of fonts that are too small to be read from 6-10 feet away, a typical distance for reading a poster.

well organized, and...

Spatial organization makes the difference between reaching 95% rather than just 5% of your audience: time spent hunting for the next idea or piece of data is time taken away from thinking about the science.


-Studies show that you have only 11 seconds to grab and retain your audience's attention so make the punchline prominant and brief. Most of your audience is going to absorb only the punchline. Those who are directly involved in related research will seek you out anyway and chat with you at length so you can afford to leave out all the details and tell those who are really interested the "nitty gritty" later.


guitarsean said...

Good tips. I have a hard time making gig posters for my band because I have all these 'art' ideas in my head. Our bass player makes great gig posters because he isn't an artist and he's better attuned to that big, quick impact than I am.

mancai said...

wow, good for u all... hopefully u r sucsess for your project... if done can i publish here your posters?