video of batik

Batik Technique

Beeswax Batik Technique - Funny videos are here

Making Batik

Making Batik - Watch a funny movie here

Modeling Batik

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genial said...

very impressive skill and inspiring so much :)

hey there :) have a great day to you :)

rillys said...

hi genial thanks for drop down, late now i'm very busy to update this blog maybe couple of month..but i'm still update 1 or 2 a month, but not so much... hopefully your and another's friends enjoy my article here... great day you too....

genial said...

blm nambah lg yh???

rillys said...

maaf ya genial banyak yang akan menyusul nanti...masih belum bisa mengupdate lagi nie...saya betul2 minta maaf