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"After painting comes Sculpture, a very noble art, but one that does not in the execution require the same supreme ingenuity as the art of painting, since in two most important and difficult particulars, in foreshortening and in light and shade, for which the painter has to invent a process, sculpture is helped by nature. Moreover, Sculpture does not imitate color which the painter takes pains to attune so that the shadows accompany the lights."
Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), Italian Renaissance painter, sculptor, etc. Literary Works.

"I say that the art of sculpture is eight times as great as any other art based on drawing, because a statue has eight views and they must all be equally well made."
Benvenuto Cellini (1500-1571), Italian Baroque goldsmith and sculptor, in a letter to Benedotto Varchi, January 28, 1547.

"Sculpture is the best comment that a painter can make on painting."
Pablo Picasso (1881-1973), Spanish artist. Remark, Feb. 2, 1964, quoted by artist Renato Guttuso in his journals (reprinted in Mario De Micheli, Scritti di Picasso, 1964).

"Sculptures are drawings you fall over in the dark." Al Hirschfeld (1904-2003), American caricaturist.

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About ISC - The International Sculpture Center (ISC) is a member-supported, nonprofit organization founded in 1960 to advance the creation and understanding of sculpture and its unique, vital contribution to society.

Members include sculptors, collectors, patrons, architects, developers, journalists, curators, historians, critics, educators, foundries, galleries, and museums—anyone with an interest in and commitment to the field of sculpture. Link here....


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