Great freeware tools for photographer

Great freeware tools for photographer for organizing,editing and showcasting. Everything for free! How and whare can I impressively showcase my photo? The answer is just few click away-irrespective of whether you want to search for specific subject, edit or show picture.The extensive photo package I want to show here some of the best tools...u should be used this tools.

Photo Package Management Tools

Ai Picture Explorer : Quick picture viewer

FastStone Image Viewer : Quick photo retaouch in the photo manager inclusive of slideshow tools

: Link picture with geocoordinates

IrfanView : Extensive picture manager

Locr GPS Photo : Allocates exact positions to photo

Photozig Album Express : Create Web photo album

Picasa [Beta] : sort automaticlly as per photo date

Plugin Commander : Manage plugins for graphic program

StudioLine PhotoBasic : Export photo for the web

Twin Vision [Beta] : Display picture in 3D look

XnView : All rounder that process numeraous format and mediums

Photo Package Editing Tools

Active Pixel : Support more than 100 format

Artweaver : Extensive drawing tools

Bad Peggy : Check for error in picture

Cartoonist : Designs photo in comic style

CinePaint : A branch og GIMP that has specialized in film picture

FastStone Photo Resizer : Automatically renames all photo at the same time by of the mouse

GIMP 2.6.3 released : Image editing upgradeable via plug-ins

Paint.Net : Extensive photo editing program

Picturenaut : genarate HDR photo

Qtpfsgui :HDR tool with RAW support

Photo Package Presentation Tools :

CdCoverCreator : Creates cover for music album

Diashow Standard : Create slideshow

DVD Slideshow GUI : Generates multimedia slideshow

hugin+Panorama Tools : Produces details landscape views

Inkscape : Design professional layout

JAlbum : creates photo album for the internet at the touch of a button

PaperCut : makes paper models from photo

PostRazor : Print picture in poster size

Slideshow Movie Maker : Makes picture into AVI film

UnderCoverXp : Creates DVD and CD cover

WaterMark [Beta] : Protect pictures from theft

Need online photo tools :

....and other 90 tools for photographer :



Anonymous said...

lame tak g bersantai bro...biasa la tue sibuk kerja kot.
Aku g sane pun hajat nak cari ikan fresh kan bagan lalang...huhuh

rillys said...

huhu..maser time aku dok nilai dulu memang kat bagan lalang jek cari ikan....tak pun banting...KL sekarang ni pakai ikan segera jek laa...kekeke

Jayce said...

Wooo... Lot of free stuffs. Thanks lo. ^_^

rillys said...

you`re welcome Jayce...please come again...enjoy

Aglaonemaku said...

Terimakasih sudah mampir di blogku
kalo memang mahu membasmi belalang silahkan saja lihat di arsip Bulan Mei disitu ada tips-tips nah disitu bisa dilihat semuanya lengkap mudah-mudahan berguna bagi kita semua


rakesh said...

great my lost interest in photography...

rillys said...

Rekesh...congratulation, i`m a sketch lover... i`m happy for you... please keep and touch...if you want some help? lot of family here... ;)enjoy

rillys said...

aglaonemaku, banyak2 terima kasih... saya akan cuba tips2 tu

amie said...

corel paint pon software yg bagus gak....nice review dan info boss

mancai said...

@amie... huuhu baru try... memang ok juga.. tq2