cartoonist on my life...

Let me introduce of my favorite cartoons and cartoonist... The cartoons and inside of the story many, many came with memories and reminiscence me since i kid.

LAT (Mohamed Nor Khalid) is one of the most-read cartoonists in Southeast Asia, and with the continued, widespread reprinting and translating of his cartoons, he is gaining worldwide fame.His annual compilations of his strips into books have been extremely successful with one, Kampung Boy, selling more than 100,000 copies. The first print of 60,000 over copies sold out within four months and it had to be reprinted.

For a country like Malaysia, that response is a big amount. His comics have a very wide range for an audience including children, intellectuals, and politicians who are fansMalaysia's favourite cartoonist Lat (Dato' Mohd Nor bin Khalid) is a household name in Malaysia. His cartoons have been appearing in local papers from as far back as the 1960's, first in Berita Minggu and then in The New Straits Times.
With countless comic books and the successful cartoon series "Kampung Boy" , Lat is one of the most prolific artists in Southeast Asia.In 1998, Lat even undertook a two-month research on race relations across the United States when he was awarded the Eisenhower Exchange Fellowship. Lat was selected as the 25th Malaysian to take part in the Fellowship under its Multi-Nation Programme aimed at fostering international understanding, peace and productivity through the exchange of information.
Lat went to an English school in Ipoh in 1962, where his teacher Moira Hew supported his drawing skills.Mrs. Hew was later immortalized as a best loved characters in Lats cartoons, the lady with the butterfly-rim glasses... When friends in school told me “we saw your drawings in a magazine and knew it was you” then I realized I had something, because I did not even have a signature. I was 15 or 16 years old and, at that age, you don't think about money, you don't think about style ... you just want to draw what you feel like. So when my friends told me that, it made me think...

Some collections of LAT’s cartoons:
1. The Kampung Boy

Let’s take a peek at the books written by Lat.

• Budak Kampung
• The Kampung Boy (1977)
• Lat's Lot (1978)
• With a little bit of Lat (1980)
• Town Boy (1981)
• Lots More Lat (1982)
• Lat and his Lot again (1983)
• It's a Lat, Lat, Lat, Lat World (1985)
• Lat and Gang (1987)
• Lat with a punch ( 988)
• Better Lat than never (1989)
• Mat Som (1989)
• Lat was here (1995)
• Be Serious! Lat
• Better Lat than Never
• Entahlah Mak...
• Kampung Boy: Yesterday and Today
• Keluarga Si Mamat
• Lat as Usual
• Lots of Lat
• Lat 30 years later (1994)
• Lat gets lost (1996)
• Lat at large (1999)